Leah Lewis in the Epic prefer Stories in the centre of Netflix’s Ode to Friendship, The Half of It


Leah Lewis in the Epic prefer Stories in the centre of Netflix’s Ode to Friendship, The Half of It

Most films that center around that time this is certainly awkward-yet-wonderful of that is our adolescence are noticed as coming-of-age flicks, but relating to Leah Lewis, The 50 % of its different things, something more. “I would personally state it’s a rather practical tale about an immigrant who’s coming of age, getting into her ʂeχ,” she explained to POPSUGAR. “It relates to finding friendships and finding your path back once again to your loved ones. Personally I think want it’s a coming-of-life story.”


That is a complete great deal to hold one film, but fortunately, Alice Wu’s manufacturing lives up into the buzz. Lewis stars since the movie’s protagonist, a senior school senior|school that is high} named Ellie Chu, that is too smart for her very own good and also the tiny city of Squahamish. All she cares about is her grieving dad and ensuring she ensures by helping to pay the bills with a side business writing English papers for her classmates that they keep their cozy home above the train station, which. Enter Paul Munsky, earnestly played by Daniel Diemer, and Aster Flores, the school that is high that is a popular woman whom happens to be genuinely type and played by Alexxis Lemire. The 3 become swept up in a love that is complicated loosely in line with the famous play Cyrano de Bergerac.

The storyline of Cyrano de Bergerac isn’t a fresh one, & most adaptations for the 19th-century.

“we keep in mind whenever I first browse the logline, I happened to be instantly excited. in the end, it really is a typical Cyrano de Bergerac story, but with this added element of there perhaps being fully a coming of ʂeχ,” Lewis recalled. “I became really tossed by that in every of the very most ways that are positive. I went in to audition for Ellie, whom We straight away . I simply remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh my Jesus, if I’m maybe not section of this, just what have always been we likely to do with myself?’ Therefore extremely early, I happened to be simply jazzed to even have the ability to have the possibility to audition for the part in the first place.”

“She goes about her life since this wallflower that is shy similar to this fade-to-the straight back character, despite the fact that her life is indeed colorful at home.”

Also talking on the telephone, it had been apparent that the actress — whom presently stars from the CW’s Nancy Drew as a take that is modern Georgia “George” Fan — had been entirely enamored because of the young Ellie. And it’s really hard be: you either find her aloofness that is loner-nerd or can’t resist dropping when it comes to soft marshmallow that’s slowly unveiled as her defenses fall away. Not too she doesn’t always have a good basis for those defenses — as probably the only Chinese household in Sqahamish, Ellie along with her daddy are significantly separated from the other countries in the city and now have no one but each other as anchors in their day-to-day everyday lives.

It’s an presence that Lewis acknowledges is wanting on her character. “Ellie the movie lives an extremely modest, routined life. It is possible to instantly see that she actually is extremely accountable, as she’s got a listing of items that she’s to manage before she also actually leaves the home,” she stated. “She goes about her life since this bashful wallflower, like this fade-to-the back character, and even though her life is really colorful at home.”

Despite perhaps not seeming wallflower-ish by any means, Lewis admitted that ways that are many she associated with Ellie. The 17-year-old high schooler had been modeled from real-life experiences that Wu by herself had, but Lewis unveiled that the manager highlighted means the actress could relate solely to the smoothness a more authentic tale. ” Ellie writes is quite just like the means in my everyday life that I express myself. We simply take pen to paper, nearly every day that is single which is extremely important to me personally,” she stated.

Of course, there is the absolute most similarity that is obvious , which will be that they are both Asian United states.

For Ellie, her isolation that is social is by the proven fact that her dad continues to be grieving over the loss of her mom and hardly ever socializes for fear will not realize him due to their accent. He greatly depends on Ellie whilst the family’s voice and, means, allows Ellie to do something because the parent. It really is a burden that is heavy a high schooler, however it does not avoid the two from being close. It’s a dynamic that is familiar kiddies of immigrants, that I told Lewis is the reason the father-daughter relationship strongly resonated beside me. The actress felt the exact same, noting that their powerful hit near to home that they love one another with her because it’s obvious.

“Being a teen and discovering your home when you look at the family members could be an extremely interesting experience. At that age, I do not think as near to my parents until we necessary to draw nearer to them. Similarly, Ellie along with her daddy don’t possess this discussion until a event that is huge up within their life and brings them closer together also. And because he is never as proficient in English, see them interacting ʂo much with words, but more making use of their actions and also the method in which they move in the home. It really is within the moments that are secret he’s there for Ellie whenever this woman is unfortunate,” she stated.

“we feel just like Paul may be the instance that is first of and her dad certainly being seen by someone in this city. Her daddy remains in the home and doesn’t genuinely have any buddies, after which Paul gets in and starts attracting meat for him and getting together with him. It really is cool seeing Paul types of available up these two figures, it is stunning. Which was certainly one of the very best things!”